Visibly On-Site

  • We begin by  organizing a local youth-organized team (normally with 7th grade students/12-13 years old) together with our partners on-site. Over the course of several workshops (educational building moduls “Street Football” and “Mediating and Organizing”), we train the youth and young adults to become street football mediators and organizers.
  • The youth-organized team then organizes a street football tournament for their juniors in the 5th and 6th grades.
  • The system becomes self-perpetuating: Youths from the  5th and 6th grades later enter 7th grade and join that year’s youth-organized team and organize a tournament for their juniors – the older players from the previous year’s team act as mentors and help the new team.
  • Different topics and elements of the game (setting and following rules, avoiding conflicts, reacting appropriately to both wins and losses, working in a team, fairness, etc.) are then addressed and expounded upon with us at KICKFAIR, usually in various settings (in the classroom, in after-school activities, during project days, etc.) For this step, we have a fully developed curriculum available.
  • The teamwork with organizations from all around the world allows for participants to actively learn in a global context.
  • Over time, a “colorful bouquet” of opportunities begins to come together, made up of opportunities KICKFAIR can work with on-site as educational lessons.
  • The exchange of  locations between classes and teams is a central component of the KICKFAIR educational concept.