UEFA Children’s Fondation: Encounter project

Contact, meeting, shaping the future together: Through street football, youth with and without histories of escape can get to know one another. In regular street football meetings, they encounter each other by means of play; through shared workshops, they deepen this contact and understanding. KICKFAIR connects! will be carried out in two schools in Baden-Württemburg. In regular street football meetings throughout the 2016/2017 school year, 1500 young people will be involved in the project. Thirty to forty young people participate in the workshops and will become “ambassadors of coexistence” at their schools.

Playing street football and workshops for deeper learning

Beginning with street football, workshops enable young people to get to know one another. This meeting process connects the exchanging of thoughts about oneself (their interests, backgrounds, histories, points of view) with knowledge about flight and asylum. “Who am I, who are you, and who are we together?” is the guiding theme. The following key questions are at the centre of the project: “Where am I from? Where do I feel at home? What makes a home? What do we have in common? What differences do we have? And how do we want to collectively shape our future?”

The workshops build on the lived experiences of street football matches and use various methods. For example, the image of a football hexagon is used as a symbol, in which each hexagon represents a specific topic having to do with each participant’s individual biography and becomes a method for mutual learning. The pattern of three halves from street football serves as a framework for discussion and a shared process of determining rules. Street football in different countries becomes the entry point for an exchange of thoughts and opinions on home, culture, origin, and different perspectives.

Street football and photography

A unique element in this project is the connection between street football and photography. With the help of professional photographers and media educators, the young participants create photo content for their workshops that has to do with their getting to know each other and perspectives on coexistence. They use the photos to create an exhibition demonstrating their visions for a shared future.

  • Project bases
    Schwäbisch Gmünd I Ostfildern (Stuttgart)
  • Partner and Funder
    The project is being funded by the UEFA Foundation for Children Refugee Program Support, coordinated by streetfootballworld gGmbH.