The KICKFAIR educational concept

The KICKFAIR educational concept is based on scientific knowledge about formation, teaching and learning. Learning is being understood as a holistic and experience-oriented process that combines emotional, sensual, motoric, cognitive, conceptual and reflexive aspects that allows self-determinded, self-organized learning. The monitoring of the achievement of objectives, efficacy, quality management and development is a crosscutting part of KICKFAIR’s doing. The efficacy of the KICKFAIR educational concept has been proven by different (qualitative) evaluations. This concept is the fundament aof all KICKFAIR projects. It defines clearly the objectives, contents, modules and methods of the KICKFAIR educational work with the target group. In securing the quality of all work, KICKFAIR combines qualitative data work with quantitative data work on a regular base in all projects. Next to the on-going monitoring and evaluation work with documenting, collecting and analysing data, the training of teachers, coaches, social workers and youth leader, the exchange of knowledge across all KICKFAIR projects in Germany, the publication of knowledge), KICKFAIR has also worked with universities to have a scientific research done to the KICKFAIR concept.


Das KICKFAIR-educational concept has been scientifically evaluated by Prof. Dr. Ansgar Thiel at the Eberhard Karl Universität Tübingen (2009 – 2012) & Prof. Dr. Karen Petry at the German Sports university Cologne (2011 – 2012). In addition to that there have been scientific researches on different aspects of the KICKFAIR concepts in master degrees at different universities. In 2014 KICKFAIR has been evaluated and analysed by the external analysis and consulting gAG Phineo that proved the efficacy of the KICKFAIR project Football-Learning – Global and KICKFAIR as an organization. In 2015 KICKFAIR received the Phineo quality seal “Efficient”.