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19 Apr

KICKFORMORE Youngsters in Offenburg organize „School-Cup 2017“

This year, the KICKFORMORE youngsters made the „Spring-Cup“ a streetfootball-tournament for all schools in the school center area. As thus it wa a meeting point ... more
13 Mar

Weeks on „Vitalizing and creating encounter in diversity” from March 13th to 31st at KICKFAIR partner schools in Germany

“How can we commonly create the growing diversity at our school in a way the every single one can feel native to a place?” – that is one of the big questions ... more
15 Feb

Chile is the Children’s Rights World Champion!

Chile is the Children’s Rights World Champion! After 27 tournaments, 811 points scored on the global table, and hundreds of workshops worldwide about street ... more
15 Feb

Students in Garbsen (Hannover) create actively diversity and living together at their school

Over the course of the 2015-2016 school year, the project days for “Street Football, Photography, Diversity” began a lasting debate on street football and ... more
26 Jan

UEFA Foundation for Children – meeting weeks set for March

The UEFA Foundation for Children supports shared learning for young people with and without stories of escape at selected KICKFAIR partner schools in Germany. They ... more
26 Jan

Ecountering Without Words – picture cards now in trial phase at model schools

The development of a series of picture cards was a joint process undertaken by KICKFAIR and Yorgos Konstantinou, an intercultural trainer and artist. Over several ... more
24 Nov

Nationwide meeting of KICKFAIR partner schools in Stuttgart

The nationwide meeting opened with a colourful video showing messages from international FLG partners. From November 20-22, more than 100 dedicated teachers and ... more
9 Nov

National Meeting of all KICKFAIR Collaboration schools across Germany will meet in Stuttgart

From the 20th to the 22nd of November, 100 teachers and students of the Football-Learning schools across Germany will meet in Stuttgart. The Agenda focuses on the ... more
26 Jul

KICKFORMORE Youth Leader inspire children at the official Mercedes summer event to try streetfootball

KICKFORMORE - Youth Leader introduced their project at the official Mercedes summer event and invited children to join the game! More more
12 Jul

Playing, Hip Hop, creative corner, photography – numerous workshops and tournaments all across the world!

News and current actions regularly on facebook and on! more
30 May

Hassan and OZ two Youth Leader from the Peres Center for Peace (Israel) at KICKFAIR

Hassan und Oz zwei Youth Leader vom Peres Center for Peace (Israel) bei KICKFAIR KICK FOR UNDERSTANDING PLAY FOR PEACE- that ist he name oft he common project ... more
17 May

Who are we? Where are we from? Where can we go together? Lifetalk Munich unites more young people with and without histories of escape

There are now 100 young people regularly meeting as part of the Lifetalk project. They meet, exchange, and learn to understand one another. They have diverse ages, ... more
12 May

70 Games already played worldwide: „Streetfootball and Children Rights Worldcup” continues –from Asia – to Soouth America – to Germany

Cambodia – Paraguay – Germany – Chile: The „Streetfootball and Children Rights Worldcup” is touring across continents. The KICK-OFF took place in Battam... more
19 Apr

KICKFORMORE, Fredi Bobic and a family meeting with „Laureus Sport for Good Jam“ in Berlin!

Cafú, Raúl, Puyol, Jens Lehmann und Nia Künzer are part o fit and experience KICKFORMORE live! The 16th and 17th of April, Parisa Vanessa, Hamad, Cem, Nico, ... more
7 Apr

United people: KICKFORMORE youth leaders in Schwäbisch Gmünd bring together young people with and without histories of flight

Youth leaders from the Schwäbisch Gmünd project location have had two things on their minds in recent months. One is the idea of strengthening their project by ... more
4 Apr

Start of the “Streetfootball and Children’s right World-Cup” on the 6th of April in Cambodia

Streetfootball and Children’s rights, that is the current common “Football-Learning-Global” Project of KICKFAIR with its international partner organizat... more
15 Mar

Peace Tournament brings together young people in the spirit of equality, diversity, and peace

On March 14, 100 students from grades 5, 6, and 7 at the Erich Kästner Community School in Ostfildern played their Peace Tournament. The organization took on the ... more
22 Feb

Lifetalk exhibition reached now the main tower building of the BMW Group in Munich!

The Lifetalk exhibition moved from the Kulturhaus Milbertshofen to the research center and from there to the main tower of the BMW Group in Milbertshofen. Until ... more
17 Feb

KICK FOR UNDERSTANDING – PLAY FOR PEACE now with its own Logo and Facebook page

Beginning in 2012, each year, young people from Germany, Israel and Palestine have designed shared activities together. This cooperative effort first arose during a ... more
5 Feb

Successful opening of the Lifetalk exhibition, despite continuous rain and snow

Unbelievable – despite the rain and snow, lots of people showed up for the exhibition. The festival tent, while was built especially for the opening in the glass ... more
25 Jan

Lifetalk – Exhibition opening February 3, 5:00 p.m. at Munich Culture House, Milbertshofen

They come from different cultures, speak different languages, and their life experiences couldn’t be more different. Unaccompanied refugees and young people have ... more
24 Nov

Lifetalk – Youth with and without refugee background express themselves in photos!

Since February, youth both with and without refugee histories  have been taking part in regular programs for encounter and exercise in Milbertshofen, Munich. Each ... more
23 Nov

KICKFAIR Youth produces Foto – and video Material

More than 50 youngsters from KICKFAIR partner schools in Berlin, München and Ostfildern (near Stuttgart) work with a professional photographer and media educator ... more
22 Oct

Street football, appreciation and photography: they all play a part in Garbsen at “Spielbetrieb”!

“Appreciation” – that’s what the Nikolaus Kopernikus School is talking about in Garbsen, a town just outside of Hannover. But what does it mean exactly? ... more
5 Oct

Nuremberg Scharrer School: students ensure the continuation of street football projects!

From September 23 – 25, 17 students from Scharrer Middle School and KICKFAIR spent an intense few days together at a meeting in the Castle Hoheneck at Ipsheim, 50 ... more