Engagement - Participation - Streetfootball - Integration!
KICKFAIR is a non-profit organization that uses football as a means of launching many diverse projects in the fields education, learning, and training. Focusing on young people – that is the basic idea that KICKFAIR follows. Here at KICKFAIR, young people can learn how to shape and influence their own surroundings with and from each other. In this way, they can also forge new and positive perspectives about life, both for themselves and for others.
Depending on individual problems of the participants, various topics are emphasized and discussed in the KICKFAIR projects: they promote participation and engagement, present meeting places which allow for integration, strengthen communicative skills, produce suggestions for violence prevention, and much more. Through the various projects and the networking they produce as well as extending beyond Germany’s boarders, KICKFAIR creates learning and meeting places, in which young people from different countries and cultures can learn from one another and with each other.

Encounter project with UEFA and streetfootballworld brings children with and without a current refugee background together

adidas-KICKFAIR Youth Leader Camp 2017: exchange, mutual learning, sport and fun!

Encounter Without Words translates the KICKFAIR concept of street football into a “picture language”. Pilot project with the Robert Bosch Foundation