Manjar from YFC Rurka Kalan in India introduces himself


my name is Mohammad Manjar Alam. I am from India. The name of my organisation I am working in Rurka Kalan (India) is „Youth Football Club Rurka Kalan“. I am here at KICKFAIR´s office since last week (from 10/09/2019). I am happy to be here. This is a chance for me to learn new skills and gain more experience. I will never forget this, because KICKFAIR gives me the chance to be a part of their work. Every second I will use for learning.

I already attended my first workshop in Erlangen in a school. This was a great thing for me because it was my first school visit with KICKFAIR. I was very excited about if the children are interested in me. It was very challenging to be confronted with them. They couldn´t speak English so well and were loud. But my friend and colleague Ugur was there to translate and help me. After introducing me and my work in Rurka Kalan we went out to play some football. Step by step the children, Ugur and me became more familiar with each other. I noticed that the children liked me. The teachers totally inspired me, because they participated so well while KICKFAIR presented the new project for this school.

In India the teachers would not do this. I will take this experience with me and apply it in India. In the next weeks I want to go to schools, attend the workshop and learn how they work here with children. I am happy about this because KICKFAIR´s working style is amazing.

I am looking forward to he next weeks. I will travel to Heidelberg and Munich. In Heidelberg I will meet my friend Baljinder from Youth Football Club. She is also from Rurka Kalan and visits Germany for the first time. We will join some workshops about the topic „plastic waste“. These workshops are good for me because I will learn new ideas about plastic waste. Because of the new experiences, new information and challenges it will be a life changing month for me.

Thank you for everything!

Manjar Alam