Hi, my name is Marcelline…

Hi, my name is Marcelline Uwiringiyimana. I am from Rwanda. My organization is Esperance. I am here in Germany since the 6th of March 2019 and will stay in total for three months. Germany is a great country, but am not friendly with the weather because it’s so cold for me. I like that people are very interested to know about my country. It makes me happy when someone wants to know about our history especially the truth about genocide against Tutsi instead of getting informed from media.

In the last weeks I travelled to different schools which made possible new experiences for me. For example, in Rwanda usually, I work with seventy students or even more in one workshop. Here it’s different and I like to work with less participants than in Rwanda. I raised workshops about different topics and I like the warm welcome I got from people here. I got the opportunity to talk about Rwanda like genocide against Tutsi, and how Rwanda is developing after it, for example, building unity and reconciliation, Rwandan culture, environment protection and gender balance. And about Esperance, how we work and how we use methodologies to help youth in Rwanda. These first weeks were a great time for me with big emotions to see that the kids are happy. It was great to share ideas, Rwandan games, to play with the recycling ball and to use our football-forum-theatre methodology. For example, I worked about the role of women in schools of Erlangen, Osnabrück or Nürnberg. Few times we watched the movie about Clarisse from Esperance, including the role and right of girls to play football – which is a tool we use at Esperance for encouraging girls. Then we count the goals of girls only.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the Youth Leader Group in Garbsen (Hannover). There we sat together with them to explain to Margot Käßmann the importance of KICKFAIR and their daily work as mediators. The Youth Leader represented their group and what kind of activities they are doing in their school and in the schools around. I explained about Esperance, the Partnership to KICKFAIR and about the Football-learning-global network.

With her together we did also the diversity-campaign (www.whoneedsdiversity.com). It’s cool to see how the kids are happy to express their ideas about diversity. In Rwanda, the kids are doing the same and I showed there also campaign pictures from Rwanda. We also did the campaign in Osnabrück during the project week. This and the experience to work again with the hip-hop-concept (I already made a song in India) was very special for me. The kids were really into talking about lyrics in the actual hip-hop they listen to, and Hamad of KICKFAIR and me together we gave them an idea about which topic hip-hop also can be. In the end, they created lyrics about who they are – how it is to live with other persons – and how do we want to live together.

I also did workshops in Nürnberg about how to save the environment, talking about how Rwanda banned the plastics bag and the impact we have now. The students said important ideas about their role to save environment here in Germany.

Sharing my experiences, I learned more about myself and the world and I am looking forward to continuing with it. Something I learned from KICKFAIR methodology is photo emotion and I like it a lot and it will be good for Esperance to help kids or youth to express their emotion because in Rwandan society it’s not easy to share or to show how you feel. Another thing I learned is to open the minds of kids through our world map methods.

By kid´s mood, I am very motivated and I like my work here.