Atalya vom „The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation“ ist gerade bei KICKFAIR und stellt sich vor

Hi ! my name is Atalya , I’m from Israel and I live at Jerusalem. I’m 19 years old and I Volunteer at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. At the Peres center our goal is to prepare minds of people on both sides toward shared-living between all of Israel’s citizens and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors.

One of the Peres center projects, in which I’m grateful to take a part in, is“ Twinned Peace Soccer Schools“. The project takes place in diverse communities across Israel, with Israeli and Palestinian boys and girls. Through „twinning“ or pairing those diverse groups together, these youths play soccer in mixed groups as one team, with the unique educational methodologies developed by the Peres Center. For many years we have collaborated with Kickfair, because of our similar ideology, that encourages the diversity in our society, gives place to each person with his or her uniqueness and combines all the individuals, the different cultures, religions, nationalities, into one soccer field, on one unified team, who plays under the same rules with the same uniforms.

During my stay with KICKFAIR in Germany I will visit KICKFAIR programs and classes across Germany and would lead with KICKFAIR’s team workshops to schoolchildren. Its so special for me to see the diversity in children classes, how the children gives each and every one of them, his own place to express his uniqueness, In addition, its interesting to see the differences between the Israeli and the German educational systems and what they choose to emphasize. I am really happy and excited to cooperate with KICKFAIR’s team, to build workshops together, to see their methodologies and to learn how they educate for Peace through Football.

I’m grateful for the chance to meet KICKFAIR’s gold team and to see their work. Its really heart warming to see people who invest themselves one hundred percent in improving the society, and gives a place to each and everyone inside her ,through football. I am happy to contribute to the collaboration between the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation and KICKFAIR that has been lasting since 2010 already. Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience and see a bit of your work!

Yours, Atalya