Samy blickt auf 4 Wochen mit KICKFAIR zurück

First of all, I would like to say thanks again to all the KICKFAIR staff. It was really nice to work with you guys. I can’t express my feeling how much I enjoyed working with all of you. I always felt comfortable and warm all the time during my journey around this beautiful country. I will never forget my time here in Germany.

After I spent four weeks in Germany, I feel that I have gained lots of things from this incredible time. I have met plenty of great people and students. Also I have learned so many things such as working with kids, exchanging experiences and playing street football etc. The street football was a very amazing game for me. I had a lot of fun and a great time whenever I had the chance to play.

I also enjoyed working with the kids and students on different topics such as diversity, rules for living together and the exchange on the living conditions in Germany and Cambodia. It is really important that we use football as the method to talk about the daily lives. And we also worked on responsibility. It was significant to me that students take over responsibility in their community or school.

In the upcoming days, I am looking forward to share all of my experiences, new knowledge and what I have learned with my home country community and at my workplace.

Yours, Samy