Samy from the KICKFAIR partner-organization „SALT Academy“ in Cambodia at KICKFAIR

Hello, my name is Samy Seng. I am 22 years old. I come from Battambang province which is in the northwest of Cambodia.
I first knew SALT Academy (long term partner of KICKFAIR) in 2008. I was one of the players in grassroots season league during the weekend which is hosted by SALT. First of all, I didn’t like to play football because I thought that football was just for men to play not for women. I thought you have to be strong and brave to play in this game. First day of the training some of my friends asked me to join their team. But I disagreed. And I also tried to explain about my personal issue why I didn’t like football. As I remembered, I was caring about my outside appearance and my study. If I play I would get big muscles and black skin and my study would drop down, too. Besides this ancient perspective, I also got some advice from my house mother who said that ‘’ you must concentrated on your study better than waste your time on football ’’. However, everything has changed. I decided to play because it is a really interesting game. In 2010, I became a Mighty girls (MG) participant. SALT had created this program because they wanted to see women football in Cambodia. They brought girls from the surrounding of Battambang province that faced difficult situations. I am also one of those girls. They used football as the method to empower girls. According to the MGs program, they provided a lot of things to those who involve in the program. We, the MGs, got a lot of opportunities to develop ourselves by being young leaders, teachers, coaches and being role models for our next generation, too. Especially, we would like to show to our society that girls or women could take part in football as well.
During my time here in Germany, I expect that I would learn a lot of things from this amazing country such as try the new food, understand more about the culture and language. The most significant thing is I wish I would get more experiences and new knowledge from the KICKFAIR staff, too.
After I get back to my home country, I would transfer all my knowledge and experiences which I have learned from here to spread out to my work place and community where I live.
Finally, I would like to say thank you to both SALT Academy (Sport and leadership training) and KICKFAIR which provided this incredible opportunity for me to spend time in Germany. Especially, I am very thankful to all KICKFAIR staff. They are very generous and good hearted. They always give me a great smile and warm greeting.
I am really looking forward to the next weeks and the workshops, because: „No success without hard work“
Yours, Samy