Ronnie from Israel introduces herself

My name is Ronnie Tabacof, I am 18 years old and I live in Israel. I just recantly graduated high school on my city, Tel Aviv. In Israel, at 18 most people join the army as it is mandatory. I decided that i could do more for my society in civil service than in a military service. That is how I ended up at the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. I began working for the peace education department in September, and I’ve fallen in love with the idea of social change through youth.
Young people in Israel and Palastine were born into a very old and complex conflict. In our current political reality, peace seems far and even unrealistic. We at the Peres Center believe that the future of the conflict lays in the hands of the next generation. That is why we work hard to create projects that bring together Palestinian and Israeli youth. Our main ongoing projects are our technological project (Bridges for Peace) and our football project (Twinned Peace Sports Schools). Seeing youth from both sides of the conflict communicate in a mature and peaceful way gives me hope.
KICKFAIR is a long time partner and friend of the Peres Center, and I was very excited to join the team in Germany and work with them for the past 10 days. During my stay I traveled around Germany and visited 6 schools in different cities. In each school I met wonderful children and teachers, all comitted to playing by the FairPlay method. I exchanged with those groups on the topics of FairPlay, language, conflict and street football. Not only did I enjoy meeting the wonderful people at KICKFAIR and spend time with them, I also got to see their wonderful and important work here in Germany, take part in their amazing process and learn so much. I am very thankful for this life changing experience, and I am touched by the kindness and hard work of all the people involved. I return to Israel full of ideas and inspiration, and I’m looking forward to the hard work ahead!