adidas – KICKFAIR Youth Leader Camp 2017: adidas employees get engaged for the youth – and the other way around!

exchange – mutual learning – having fun together

For the 3rd time already, the adidas – KICKFAIR Youth Leader Camp took place from the 10th to the 14th of June 2017 at the adidas Headquarter in Herzogenaurach. More than 40 Youth Leader from KICKFAIR partner organizations all across Germany participated.

The Youth Leader are between 14 and 22 years old. The younger ones are beginning to take over mentoring tasks in their local projects and are growing into a new responsibility. The older ones are already experienced as Youth Leaders and accompany them into their new role.

At the adidas-KICKFAIR Youth Leader Camp, the youngsters and young adults exchange experiences, learn from one another, develop new ideas and take them back into their local projects. This years’ core topic were the KICKFAIR-picture cards (Background). On the one hand, it was an exchange on the so far experiences using the cards. At the same time it was also a discussion on the further potential that they see within the cards and that have not been developed enough yet. There were so many ideas that the Youth Leader are planning a “picture-card” workshop day in the second half of the year to continue with the dialogue. “I was very surprised how many experiences there are already – but also how potential there still is using the picture cards” says Saher from Offenburg after 2 hours working intensively and Kata from Munich complements:… I did not notice how time was running by”.

Above that, the adidas-KICKFAIR Youth Leader Camp is every year the framework where adidas employees get engaged as volunteers supporting the youngsters in their learning. They train them in different aspects that adidas and KICKFAIR develop together in beforehand. Additionally they involve the Youth Leader in different teambuilding experiences through sports.

In the Camp this year, the adidas volunteers combindes capacity building workshops on how to structure a training session to make it successful, on leadership skills and on feedback training. The sport sessions bouldering, workout, zumba, volleyball, football and rugby put team experience and fun in the focus.

But the youth Leader not only take from adidas but they also always give something back: the organize a big streetfootball tournament in the Adi Dassler Stadium where again more than 50 adidas employees participated. When Hamad (Youth Leader from Schwäbisch Gmünd who also moderated the event) why adidas does work with KICKFAIR, Sara König (also responsible for the adidas Fund at the company): “That is very easy to answer – because what you do is very professional – and no one does live as authentic as you what we stand for as a brand: to change lives through sport”.

The adidas- KICKFAIR Youth Leader Camp is a common programm from KICKFAIR and adidas and takes place once a year at the adidas Headquarter in Herzogenaurach.

Pictures are on Kickfair facebook