KICKFAIR Festival 2017 – 18 to 20th of July in Stuttgart

The KICKFAIR Festival will take place from May 18-21 in Ostfildern, just outside of Stuttgart. Around 200 teachers and young people from project locations across Germany will take part. The festival provides a platform for knowledge exchange and workshops for teachers and youth who want to connect theory to practice while getting active and having fun.

Evaluation workshops
The festival is an opportunity to exchange and discuss experiences and methods of best practice for social and global learning through street football. This second year of the festival will focus on two additional focuses. The first will be a shared evaluation of the Street Football and Children’s Rights project and any themes that might be relevant for future collaboration. Participants will discuss their findings and possible next steps in moderated workshops on the topic.

The second focus will be on the learning modules for KICKFAIR’s educational concept. There will be workshops to evaluate findings and discuss experiences with the modules. Workshops will focus specifically on the picture cards that have been in use at various KICKFAIR partner schools since the last meeting of teachers in November 2016. Yorgos Konstantinou, the artist and intercultural trainer who designed and co-developed the picture cards, will be present at the workshops. This will allow for feedback to be factored directly into future design modifications of picture cards with the corresponding curriculum.

Encounters and Photography Exhibition
The festival will also see the opening of the Encounters and Photography exhibition. It consists of photos from the Encountering Diversity theme weeks (March 2017) that took place at participating KICKFAIR project locations.

Together in Motion

At the youth level, the focus will be on fun and movement. Young participants will experience different (street) football variations and other movement activities (slack line, skateboarding, etc.). A series of matches will provide experiential learning and a chance to interact and cooperate with others.

Playing Together in Diversity Street Football Tournament

Young participants will play in mixed teams for this tournament—boys and girls, with and without experiences of escape, from different schools and types of schools nationwide, and from different grades from five to nine. KICKFAIR youth leaders from different project locations will organise and coordinate the tournament.

Looking Forward to the 2018 KICKFAIR Forum

The 2018 KICKFAIR Forum will take place in May 2018 in Stuttgart. It will bring together over 150 young mentors and youth leaders from all KICKFAIR projects. The event will focus on questions about the future of our society, shared challenges, and how we can react positively to change. KICKFAIR will be inviting representatives from different sectors who want to create a future for all. They will engage in conversation with young adult participants. There will be workshops, panel discussions, and forums. Initial content for the forum will be discussed at the festival.

Participation at the 2017 festival is by invitation only.