Weeks on „Vitalizing and creating encounter in diversity” from March 13th to 31st at KICKFAIR partner schools in Germany

“How can we commonly create the growing diversity at our school in a way the every single one can feel native to a place?” – that is one of the big questions that keeps the schools busy in this school year. And it was a main focus during the last teacher meeting of all KICKFAIR partner schools in November last year.

Since that meeting, we have been working intensively with selected pre-operating schools in developing concepts to foster encountering and involvement processes in the school context. A main focus is on creating collaborative learning for youngsters with and without a current refugee background. In that framework, KICKFAIR has prepared a concept for encountering and learning that includes several modules that bring youth in contact, in encounter and in collaboration at their school.

This concept is now being piloted in the framework of project weeks in three per-operating schools. The mentioned modules allow the students to deal with values that become more and more important for a common living in a growing diverse everyday life at school. In addition to that, they do look into the question how collaboration in diversity can be realized and being seen as a potential.

Starting point of all modules is the KICKFAIR streetfootball. The newly developed picture cards facilitate the students to start en exchange to the topics. The “Language Training” combines streetfootball with all the languages that exist within the group: by using different games, the mother languages of all students are being integrated so that every student is being put into the “expert role” and experiences appreciation as well as validation. The objective though is not to learn a different language but to understand the feeling of not being understood and to develop empathy for that. This self-awareness is a base for all modules within the concept. It is about bringing the perspective of the own biography, own emotions, own opinions and ideas in relation to the ones of the others.

Within the module “Streetfootball meets photography” that has been developed with professional photographers, the students express the results that they see important for a collaborative living in diversity in photography. The photos will be accessible for all students within the school. That means, all the results from the project weeks will be put into an exhibition, made visible and brought to a wider public. This is a chance to broaden the discussion beyond the project week and beyond the participating the students. That is why the exhibition is planned to be the KICK-OFF of an on going debate on diversity at the specific school that will be also accompanied from KICKFAIR in the future (see).

The first project week will take place from 13th to 17th March at the Eichendorff-Mittelschule in Erlangen-Bruck. From 20th to 24th of March the Erich Kästner Schule in Ostfildern (Stuttgart) will follow. Last but not least from 27th to 31st, the Schillerrealschule in Schwäbisch Gmünd will realize the final week.

The project weeks can be followed on facebook